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This mod is created for people all around the globe to allow them understand any in-game text, may it be block names, item descriptions, and even manual books.


For now it uses only Google Translate API, with more APIs to select from coming in the future.


All translations are cached, sorted by language, and stored in game's root folder under ReTranslatorCache directory, so if you got unlucky with any automatic translation, you can manually adjust it to your fit.


Warning: you may experience a long game load when trying to start your modpack at first time with uncached language selected - this is due to a lot of objects being translated at once. Just wait and observe progress being printed to logs, it can take several minutes, depending on your internet connection, hardware, and size of modpack.

Also, a relaunch is required if you want to select new game language - translations are being done during pre-initialization state.

Sometimes a mod will have not en_US lang as a main lang file - in that case you can specify main lang file in mod's config.

There are two more possible cases when something is not translated: selected API just can't translate provided text OR the mod uses localization method different from lang files (ex: TiC manuals).