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Adds the stuff from the april fools snapshot 24w14potato.

The mod is currently work in progress, and it is not fully complete.


Baked Potato Bricks

Expired Baked Potato Bricks

Charred Baked Potato Bricks

Potato Planks (fences are not connecting to other fence blocks)

Potato Armor (there is a potato plant texture but it is unused for now)

Poisonous Potato Fries, Sticks, Slices & Chips (food item, currently have the same food values)

(Enchanted) Golden Poisonous Potato (same stats as fires/sticks/slices/chips but looks golden)

JEI is recommended for recipes!

A new modrinth page is going to be! Check out the Modrinth page of this mod!


Q: Forge port?

A: No. That would require a complete rewrite of the mod.

Q: Can you backport to version X?

A: No. MCreator does no longer supports that version

Q: Can you port the mod to 1.20.4?

A: Probably. If MCreator would support it for Fabric.