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Origins bloom is a origins mod that remixes the idea of origins via making the origins a progression line via custom advancements.
first let's start with lore:
so basically a Bloom is a human that has died and come back to life. The process of which is as follows:
-you die.
-you start to pass to the after life.
-some super natural moss  and vines takes your soul and puts it back into your body.
-after a time period of 1 second up to 5 decades, you will be brought back, with the same body you died with.
-your body now starts to rapidly decay until you are but a skeleton covered in moss and vines.
-you are left with only your instincts until you start to grow up.
OKAY! time for the ways to get each bloom upgrade:
SliverThorn: dive into powder snow.

FungalBloom: get 8 red mushrooms.

ThornBloom:  kill a pillager.

SculkBloom: avoid vibrations.

BamBloom: get 8 bamboo.

FirePetal: sleep in a desert.

DeathPetal: get struck by lightning.

AquaBloom: you need turtle helm recipe.