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Indicatia is now a small quality of life mod, which improves a little quality of life into Minecraft.

Feature List

* Alternate Chat Key - This allowed to use Numpad Enter key to open the chat
* Time on Vanilla Potion HUD - Display potion duration time on top right Potion HUD
* Prompt to Disconnect - Enable confirmation screen on pressing disconnect button
* Enchanted Rendering on Skulls - Enable enchant effect rendering on skull
* Reload Resources Button - Enable reload resources button on a pack selection screen

If you want to look into the past, here is it.


Indicatia is the very lightweight and simple in-game info mod. Which is contains some basic information into the screen.
Such as FPS, Ping, XYZ, Biome, Game Time, Real Time, Moon Phase, Equipment HUD, Potion HUD, etc.


  • Simple In-game HUD


  • Mojang Status Checker


  • Old Armor Overlay


  • Disconnect Confirmation Screen


  • Minor Player List improvement (Display ping as number or delay)


  • Minor Multiplayer Screen improvement (Display ping as number)


  • Hypixel Dropdown Minigame buttons


  • Enchanted Skull rendering fix


GUI Settings

* F4 - Config Screen


Full Feature List


* /autofish - For AFKing fishing farm, NOT ALLOWED ON HYPIXEL!
* /slimeseed - Set seed for client world to find slime chunk
* /afk - Used to prevent kicked from the server and tell your friends when you're AFKing with customized message
* /mojangstatus - Checking current mojang status if its down or not
* /pingall - Print latency info from all players in the server into chat
* /inprofile - Useful for creating profile settings for HUD


* Ping
* Server IP (with current version of Minecraft)
* Biome
* Slime Chunk (Client Side)
* Game Time
* Real Time
* Moon Phase
* Equipment HUD
* Potion HUD
* TPS (Client Side)
* Enable/Disable Boss Status
* Enable/Disable Sidebar Scoreboard
* Simple 1.7 Blockhit Animation
* AFK Schedule Message
* Mojang Status Checker
* Hypixel Dropdown Minigame buttons
* Hypixel Chat Mode
* Added alternate key for Chat (Keypad Enter)

Client Changes/Fixes

* Enchanted Skull rendering fix
* Chat Depth rendering fix


How to install

  • Install Minecraft Forge/Fabric depends on version of the Minecraft you wanted to play (Recommended or Latest if possible)
  • Download all dependencies which can be found at the bottom of download page.
  • Download this mod and put it into your .minecraft/mods folder.
  • Done



You can use this mod in your modpack.
You are not allowed to re-upload this mod to other sites!