Gallium Engineering

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A Smaller mod that adds some simple items and materials all based off of the real gallium metal. Several of these new materials are alloys, including blue gold, cadmium, and other gallium related items! several of the recipes have been given "Create friendly" alternatives that are compatible and intended for the create mod and its addons.

This mod is for 1.20.1 and will most likely remain in 1.20.1 permanently. as like my other mods that I have released, this one was specifically made for my survival modpack and is only being uploaded because it is technically a complete mod.

This mod features 4 new guns, a drill that is very overpowered (may or may not destroy bedrock), and a whole variety of new recipes and uses for these new items!

Updates are likely to occur. including bugfixes, complete updates, or small crafting recipe updates.

Warning! some aspects of this mod were added through MCreator to save time on coding. This may interfere with other mods or may have inconsistent results in-game!



DISCLAIMER! I was not aware of a mod already called gallium, please forgive me but I have grown attached to the name "gallium" and have simply added "engineering" to the name for anyone who cares about it.