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Trigger various special effects live in-game!

Supports multiple ways of triggering effects! (Stream Deck, Web browser, Custom HTTP Requests)


There are downloads for both Forge and Fabric located in the 'Files' tab!


Effects include:


  • Sending yourself to a Minecraft server!

  • Toggling layers on your skin!

  • Showing messages in various places on screen.

  • Running commands in chat at the press of a button.




Demo Video



Join Server Effect


Gif of the player staring at a sign saying "Currently on: Singleplayer world", looks over to a sign saying "Pressing Join Server Key", screen jumps to the server joining screen, then player spawns at sign saying "Currently on: Multiplayer Server"


Send Chat Message Effect


Gif of the player at a sign saying their username is MoSadie. Three chat message as them then appear in the game chat saying "Hello world!". The player looks to the right and finds two signs saying "Running a command from the key: /give @p diamond". The command is then run with the diamond appearing in their inventory.


More examples (and the full list of effects) can be found on the wiki.