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This mod was originally created by AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN, ported to 1.7.2 by asie, then maintained by Pokefenn and Cricket. It is currently maintained by tterrag, Drullkus, and minecreatr.

It is a fork of the "Chisel 2" project, and is fully compatible with worlds that were created using that mod (1.7 only).

NOTICE - Chisel now requires a library mod, CTM. Please install this before updating to 0.0.11+.

Chisel now has a Discord server! 

What Does This Mod Do?

Chisel adds a huge variety of decorative blocks to the game. The mod is very useful for people who like the construction aspect of Minecraft. 

Access to new blocks is provided mostly through one tool, the chisel. The iron chisel is created with a iron ingot and a stick in a diagonal pattern.

Right clicking opens the chiseling interface.

Place a block in the chiseling slot (top left)  and you may turn it in the same group.

Chisel also adds another tool called the Ender Offset Wand. Some blocks such as the Factory Block's Massive Fan has a texture that spans over multiple blocks. The Ender Offset Wand can be used to shift a texture up or down and left or right.

There is a more sophisticated version of the Chisel tool, named the iChisel. It is spring-loaded with many helpful features. Experiment around with it! :)

Other Information

Spotlights & Gameplay


  • A lot of textures are from the Painterly pack:
  • AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN: The original author, Pokefenn the maintainer for 1.7.10
  • Asie: Porting the mod to 1.7.2
  • Cricket: Maintaining mod for 1.7.10.
  • All the people who helped with code, or donated textures