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Are you tired of having to manually go through each and every gear piece and jewel you get and deciding which to scrap and which to keep?
If so this is the addon for you, this addon adds a Vault Reader peripheral with an extensive API for reading and using the huge amount of data gear and jewels contain.
With the addition of CC:Tweaked as a handling mod, the Vault Reader allows you to code your own algorithms to sort through vault gear and jewels depending on your EXACT needs.
You can make your program as simple or as complicated as you want, ranging from "Scrap if not omega" to complex modifier weight systems, the possibilities are endless with CC and this mod.

Gone are the days of going through each and every item, you can now have a system that sorts through them for you, and you can adjust it depending on what you need whenever you want.

This mod is to be used alongside CC:Tweaked and the Vault Hunters Modpack

Keep in mind: CC:Tweaked is not in the pack, in order to use this mod you need to add it yourself from the link here. Aswell as work with the peripheral this mod adds, CC:Tweaked adds a lot more content and possibilities.

Balancing: With the installation of this mod, all recipes from CC:Tweaked are changed into recipes requiring vault materials according to how powerful they are.

To add CC: Tweaked as a research, download all the files in this folder, drop them into your modpack/config/the_vault folder and press replace. The mod will appear in the handling tab and for now with the XNET icon.

API: The Vault Reader API offers a lot of stuff including reading level, rarity, repair potential, prefixes, suffixes, min and maximum rolls and more, refer to the wiki here or in the wiki tab of the page to see the full documentation.
If you wanna see an example of the API in action, feel free to check out my demo example script here.
Please familiarize yourself with the CC:Tweaked API first either through youtube or their documentation.
Library Lua file enabling auto completions for IDEs here - by JarekZagorski