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By Jasel Umena


ENHANCED BY: PEHKUI, get the latest version!

100% compatible with multiplayer and with multiple people picking the same origin

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This is an Origins (by Apace100) addon, and the purpose of this project is for me to put together and release some unconvential origins that stray from the usual way of playing the game. Once it is complete, it will include the following:

  • Refractor [Currently implemented]: A challenging trickster origin with portals and light based abilities.

- Hexblade II [Currently implemented]: An origin with different sword art magics and that can possess other players.

- Myconoids II [Currently being worked on]: An adaptable origin based on fungus that adapts to its environment and can survive the most inhospitable conditions.

- Geneticist [Currently implemented]: A scientist, capable of extracting DNA from mobs and sequencing new chains of genes to modify existing creatures and players with new upsides and downsides: Everything you need to know about Geneticist

As it is still a work in progress, its release is intended to get people to familiarize themselves with some of the origins which are 100% playable. Without further ado, I'll leave you with the details down here. Have fun, and thank you.

GOT QUESTIONS OR FEEDBACK? Get in touch through a comment or over at the official Origins Discord server.


Refractor is a challenging origin which is meant to be played slowly. It may seem relatively unimpressive and frail at the start of your playthrough but, as you progress, you will find that you will unlock some skills that will make you into a versatile trickster with answers to every danger. Once it is fully coded, you will be able to pick between 6 different skill effects to alter your [Reflect Injury] and [Veil of Illusions] skills.


- Crystalline refraction: You can slot different crystals (emeralds, diamonds, amethysts and others) in your body with various effects, both positive and negative that can replace your abilities with others. [COMING SOON]

Resource bars

Can not trick a trickster: You are immune to the effects of Tricks of the light and Mirror of Scrying [COMING SOON]. You are immune to the effects of the Veil of Illusions[COMPLETE]

- Amethyst relocator: You can mine budding amethyst using silk touch tools, but there is a 20% chance for the budding amethyst to shatter when you do so.  [COMPLETE]

- Budding regeneration: You regenerate life if you stand on a block of budding amethyst, twice as fast as being on fire.  [COMPLETE]

**- Stable crystal: You can not be killed in one hit if you are above 35 hp, it will instead drop you to 20 hp (indicated by the heart on top of your light bar).  [COMPLETE]


Positive Attributes:

- Crystalline Structure: You have 40 max HP, but you take 50% more damage fromexplosions (creeper, tnt, fireworks, etc) and kinetic damage (fall damage, falling anvil, elytra crashes, etc) andplayers using vanilla pickaxes deal triple damage to you. [COMPLETE]


- Blinding Glare: Your opponents will be affected by true blindness for 2 seconds whenever they hit you with a ranged attack. Resets the effectiveness of your veil of illusions on mobs with a ranged attack who are not the wither. [COMPLETE]


Purity of Ideals: You can not use potions and can not wear armor or shields of any kind except for helmets up to iron, but you take 50% less damage from natural damage sources, such as****fire, magic and the void. Your primary abilities share cooldowns. **[COMPLETE]

- Semiconductor: You are completely unharmed by electricity and light. [COMPLETE]**


Brittle: Dying will break your mirror and reduce your max health to 10 hp until it is fixed. Dying will only give you back a broken mirror, which you will need to fix. A broken mirror can’t be used to cast your skills. You may fix your mirror by standing near 9 blocks of amethyst while holding your broken mirror on your main hand. Alternatively, you can kill 10 creatures while broken and hold your mirror to repair if you have no amethyst. [COMPLETE]


- Inorganic: You can not regenerate health by normal means, and you do not need to eat. You are also immune to poison and hunger, and instant health and regeneration do not work on you. Being on fire hurts you one tick and heals you the next, resulting in a slow, yet accessible way to heal early in the game. [COMPLETE]


- Trapped light: [COMPLETE]


While exposed to the sky and if it is not raining, you can accumulate light within you at a very slow rate. Trapped light can be used as a substitute for natural light for using illusions or abilities when light conditions are not good. Sunlight accumulates twice as fast as starlight/moonlight. Rain stops you from accumulating any light. You can accumulate a maximum of 25 trapped light.

There is an anti-softlock mechanic which has a 1 in 100 chance to generate 1 trapped light even in darkness every 7.5 seconds to prevent refractors from getting themselves trapped without a way out. It will take a long time to proc most likely but by being afk, it will eventually happen.


[Unlock condition]:**** Obtain the We Need to Go Deeper advancement. Changing origin does NOT reset your progress or your amount of trapped light.

Light Resource Bar


**-**FTL [Primary]: [COMPLETE]


Disappear as you move forward for a short distance and become invisible for a brief moment. [Light and Unlock requirement]: Tap this skill again and you will briefly overcome the speed of light, which may allow you to pass through walls up to 4 blocks thick.


  • [Light requirement]: You can either cast it with trapped light (1 unit) or under skylight. Dashing costs no light, but the blink portion of FTL does.


  • [If the mirror is broken]****: You can still dash, but you are unable to blink.


  • [Special behavior]****: If you time it perfectly, you can dash twice instead of once. The window to do so is very narrow, though!


  • [Shared cooldowns]: [Magic Mirror], [Mirror Gate].  

    • [Unlock condition]****: In order to be able to use the blink (second press), you need to obtain the Diamonds! advancement. Changing origin does NOT reset your progress..


Cooldown bar

- Magic Mirror [Sneak+Primary]: [COMPLETE]


On first press, your mirror will memorize a location, which will show as a filled mirror bar that only appears while shifting. On second press, you will travel to this spot after a few seconds, which will empty your mirror bar and reset your known locations. Works through dimensions and any distance, compatible with multiplayer and with multiple players picking the same origin.


  • [Light requirement]: You can either cast it with trapped light (5 units) or under skylight.


  • [Mirror requirement]: You must be holding your mirror in either your main hand or off hand to recall, but you do not need this to remember a location.


  • [If the mirror is broken]****: You can still remember locations, but you can’t travel to them.


  • [Special behavior]****: If you are damaged by a mob or a player during the teleportation windup period, your teleportation will be interrupted. Plan accordingly!


  • [Shared cooldowns]: [FTL], [Mirror Gate].


  • [Unlock condition]****: Obtain the Sweet Dreams advancement. Changing origin does NOT reset your progress and does NOT give you additional waypoints.

 Magic Mirror Bar

- Mirror Gates [Sneak+Primary with an Attunement Shard]: [COMPLETE]




On first press, the Attunement Shard will set up a gate point. On the second press, you will set a second gate point, which will allow you to travel between the two gates by standing on them and right-clicking your Attunement Shard. Any entities standing around the gate blocks will also be teleported. You may choose to not stand on the gate if you just want to send an entity to the other side. If you press it a third time, it will reset the latest anchor you placed allowing you to change it. [Shift + Secondary with an Attunement Shard] resets all of your gates. Works through dimensions and any distance, compatible with multiplayer and with multiple players picking the same origin.


  • [Light requirement]: You can either cast it with trapped light (24 units) or under skylight.


  • [Shard requirement]: You must be holding your Attunement Shard in either your main hand or off hand to teleport. Shifting prevents you from teleporting.  

    • [Special behavior]****: Sneak + Right click allows you to tune your shard to trigger a specific color gate from any distance and through dimensions. Sneak + Right click to cycle through all the available options.


  • [Shared cooldowns]: [FTL], [Magic Mirror].


  • [Unlock condition]****: Obtain the Subspace Bubble advancement. Changing origin does NOT reset your progress and does NOT allow you to create additional gates.

Attunement shard's sprite:

Attunement Shard

Mirror Gates bar

Click actions:

- Reflect Injury [Left click]: [COMPLETE]


While holding your mirror in your main or off-hand, or an item you are currently reflecting, left click to reduce damage taken on the next hit by 75% for 1 second and fully negate fall damage (shown by the shield icon over your trapped light bar). If you get hit, you consume one trapped light and your next melee attack gains a damage up proportional to how much HP you are missing (Every 5 missing hp gives you 2 extra damage) and heals you for 10 HP. You can not be killed by the hit that triggers this ability.


  • [Light requirement]: You need 1 unit of trapped light to use reflect injury.


  • [Mirror requirement]: You must be holding your mirror in either your main hand or off hand to cast. You can also use a reflected item.


  • [If the mirror is broken]****: This skill becomes unusable.


  • [Special behavior]****: If you get hit while this ability is active, its duration is extended by 1 second for one additional trapped light, ignoring its cooldown. This will be shown to your enemies via a custom glowing effect. Sneaking prevents this skill from being used if you need to be stealthy.


  • [Unlock condition]****: Obtain the Postmortal advancement. Changing origin does NOT reset your progress.


- Tricks of the Light [Additional effect for Reflect Injury]:  [COMPLETE]


If you are on 1 hp and you get hit while you still have light left and Reflect Injury is up, you heal for half of your hp and prevent light from reaching the eyes of all players and mobs in a 5 block radius, a debuff known as [True Blindness]:


Players affected by [True Blindness] can not see any entities and their screen turns black for the duration (30 seconds). 


Mobs affected by [True Blindness] can be tricked by your [Veil of Illusions] for as long as you want, even if you hit them before. However, the Wither and the Ender Dragon are immune to the effects of [True Blindness].


Both Mobs and Players affected by [True Blindness] emit black particles that only refractors can see.

Additionally, you can apply tricks of the light every 10 seconds if you use an attack that's been boosted by reflect injury. This application will only affect the enemy you just hit, for 3 seconds if it's a player or permanently if it's a mob.


Moreover, you have a 25% chance to spontaneously generate 1 trapped light even if you don't meet the conditions to do so (if you are in rain or not under skylight). This is roughly a 25% efficiency when compared to moonlight and starlight.


  • [Light requirement]: You will use an additional 12 trapped light to trigger this effect. It will fail to activate otherwise.


  • [Mirror requirement]: You must be holding your mirror in your main hand or off-hand to cast this spell.


  • [If the mirror is broken]****: This skill becomes unusable.


  • [Unlock condition]****: Obtain the Free the End advancement. Changing origin does NOT reset your progress.

True Blindness bar


[Sneak + Secondary]: Change from one secondary to another.

- Veil of Illusions: [COMPLETE]


For as long as you can hold your breath, you will remain fully invisible and mobs will ignore you. Entities affected by this will show a particle effect that is only visible to you and other refractors, even if they are currently invisible, which will reveal their position to you, and players will emit rainbow particles instead. Hitting a creature with an item will cancel your veil, but you can still slap people with an empty hand for a friendly prank or two. Ending your veil near a creature under the benefits of the invisibility status effect will remove their invisibility unless that creature is a Refractor. Also, while veiled, Skulk Sensors can not detect your presence unless you actively make sounds.


  • [Light requirement]: You can either cast it with trapped light (2 units) or under skylight. While you do not need light to keep concentrating on your veil or to dispel it, you will need it for the initial casting.


  • [Mirror requirement]: You must be holding your mirror in either your main hand or off hand to cast, but this is not required to maintain the spell. 
    • [Special behavior]****: You can punch mobs and players without ending your veil effect. Ending this skill will cancel water breathing for 10 seconds, and you can not re-cloak until 2 seconds go by. You can not fool the eyes of spirits (mobs such as phantoms and vexes will still target you).


  • [If the mirror is broken]****: This skill becomes unusable.


Veil of Illusions bar

- Reflect Item:  [COMPLETE]


For a certain amount of time, temporarily, you can transform your mirror into any tool or weapon (any other items will not work) another player or mob is holding. You must keep the item you replicated to be able to cast this skill again, as it will revert back into your mirror afterwards. You can instantly end this skill's effect by dropping the mirrored item on the floor.


  • [Light requirement]: You can either cast it with trapped light (½ bar) or under skylight.


  • [Mirror requirement]: You must be holding your mirror in your main hand to cast this spell.  

    • [If the mirror is broken]****: This skill becomes unusable.

Reflect Item bar


Check out this very cool document I made, because there's a lot to it and I can't be asked to create a formatted description here. It has pretty pictures, I promise: Everything you need to know to play HexbladeCorrupted Glitch also made this showcase which you can check out:  -MYCONOID ORIGIN-

Currently implented forms: Spore, Brown, Red, Desert, Moss, Snowberry, Warped, Crimson, Wart and Chorus.

Forms to be done: Skulk, Cosmic, Cordyceps.

You can find all the details about this origin in this document here: Everything you need to know to play as a Myconoid - GENETICIST ORIGIN-

A scientist capable of extracting DNA from mobs to create origins in-game without having to code by adding new upsides and downsides to players and mobs alike: Everything you need to know about Geneticist



Classes are origins you can pick on top of your current origin, and they are inspired by an addon that I recommend, made by the creator of Origins himself: Origins: Classes. Apocalypse includes a few classes to help in keeping things under control, and the classes brought by it are as follows:

- Bane of the small: Allows the player to stomp by jumping on players or mobs who are less than 1 block tall, temporarily paralyzing them. Additionally, swinging a vanilla sword deals 1 heart of damage in an area around you and inflicts the stomped effect. Small origins picking this class will be affected by their own stomping attack.

NOTICE: Small origins hit by the stomp will undergo a cooldown before they can be stomped again. Mobs do not get this cooldown and can be affected repeatedly.

Videos: Cancel fall damage by stomping/Bouncing off stomped victim. Stomp in display.

- Hex Warrior: You have traded part of your soul for power, reducing your max HP by 1 heart, but gaining the following effects:

You deal 2 additional damage with wooden swords.

Holding a wooden sword in your off-hand increases your melee damage dealt with your main hand item by 10%.

Killing an enemy will award you one soul, which can protect you from 1 instance of damage. If you take their lives using a hexblade, that specific hexblade player will gain one soul.

NOTICE: Hexblades can NOT pick this class.

- Hex Hunter:
Doubles damage dealt to barriers protecting hexblade players.

Movement speed increased by 10%.

Ranged damage increased by 10%.

NOTICE: Hexblades can NOT pick this class.

- Mediocrity Master: You see, you happen to be... slightly above average.

Damage dealt increases by 5% both melee and ranged.

Damage taken from all sources is reduced by 5%.

- Fungal Healer: Medic!

You craft two golden vegetables for the price of one (golden carrots and apples).

You can heal people by hitting them with various mushrooms.

You can combine mushroom stew and golden carrots to create a blessed stew.

You can use this stew on yourself or others to cleanse debuffs and restore health and hunger.  

I want to use this on my server:

 If you are the server owner:

  • Download the latest version and put it in your server's mods folder. Tell players who want to play the origins included in this pack to also download this pack. They are otherwise not forced to do so, and they will be able to join your server normally regardless. NOTICE: As of 0.3.0, players will need to download the mod as well.

If you are not the server owner:

  • Ask the server owner to install it in the server's mods folder. Explain to them that only the host needs this installed, and that players are NOT required to download it unless they want to play the origins it features. NOTICE: As of 0.3.0, players will need to download the mod as well.


  • Remember that this pack includes origins that are very different to vanilla / simplistic origins and it might not suit the server you are playing on. Be nice to your hosts.

This is done in this manner because server owners often will refuse to update their mods list if they have to tell their players to also update their modpacks, there are no plans to force the client to also download the pack.



- I see black hp/resource bars: Please update the datapack .jar to the latest version, you are missing assets and the server let you join anyway.

- I take damage while phasing: Lithium has added a new rule for optimizing entity suffocation checks, which currently causes Phantom (and any other Origins with Phasing powers) to suffocate while moving through blocks. To disable this new optimization rule, you can go to the file from your Minecraft's (or server's) config folder and add mixin.entity.collisions.suffocation=false at the end of the file, so that it'd look like this:

# This is the configuration file for Lithium.
# This file exists for debugging purposes and should not be configured otherwise.
# You can find information on editing this file and all the available options here:
# <>
# By default, this file will be empty except for this notice.

- I got rid/broke the item I reflected as refractor and now I'm stuck with the anti-cheat penalty: Should have read the skill description, because this is intentional! But there's a fix, run (or ask someone to run) power revoke @s apocalypse:refractor/refractor_reflect_item where @s is your username if someone else runs the command for you.

- Me (or my players) get "invalid player data" as an error and get disconnected from our server or single player world: It is very likely you have hit your packet size limit, due to how many origins you have installed or how big those origins are (and the ones on this pack are quite big!). You can solve this issue by installing this mod: Extra Thicc Packets. If you are in 1.20.X+, you can also try Packet Fixer. If you are on Forge, you could remove other datapacks you don't use often to free up packet size or use xl-packets-renewed.

- I can't use this on Forge, it crashes on startup: I suck and I do not know how to fix it, it seems the methods to add a class changed since 1.16.5. If you know how to do java or to code for Forge, by all means, contact me. Luckily for you, the alternative you have is renaming the .jar to .zip and shoving it in your datapacks folder, but you will still need a resourcepack. If you extract the assets folder from the .jar and bung it in a working resource pack, it should do the trick. Frankenstein solution? Maybe.

- I am on 1.18.2 and Geneticist does not drop syringes on kill: Due to some differences between Origins 1.19+ and prior versions, Geneticist can not obtain genes from mobs. This will not be changed in the future, and I recommend not staying on older versions of Origins.

- Other issue: Please report it down in the comments or get in touch with me on the Origins discord server AFTER reading the documentation provided for each of the origins. Also check this document for a list of changes to come and known issues: Upcoming Changes and Fixes