Reusable Rockets (stock)

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A set of reusable rockets capable of lifting to LKO (Low Kerbin Orbit) different payloads varying from 8 to 800 tons. By using these rockets you can save up to 80-90 % of your launch costs.


Only stock parts used. All rockets can work without any mods, but I recommend to use Stage Recovery Mod to avoid loss of stages due to game engine limitations. 


Rockets are easy to use, no precise landing guidance needed.


Now some rockets come in two versions:

   - RRB's use solid fuel boosters on the first stage

   - RRL's use liquid fuel engine on first stage(s)

Boosters are cost-effective, while liquid fuel engines are mass-effective, and,  thus, providing ability to lift heavier payloads.


The value next to rocket name (120 t for example) shows how many tons it can lift to Low Kerbin Orbit. This value is VERY conservative, assuming that you have big spacecraft with lot of drag and launch it using ineffective trajectory (up-turn-prograde). If you take care of drag and use effective parabolic trajectory, you can lift up to 1.5 times more than the value specified. For example, i've succesfully tested the RRL-11  with nominal 540 tons to lift to LKO up to 800 tons of payload.


How to use:


  1. Build your payload (ship, etс). Attach protective shell (if applicable) and a decoupler. Calculate weight of your payload.

  2. Choose the appropriate rocket and attach it (Open-Merge) to your payload.

  3. Check the staging sequence and make necessery corrections.

  4. Launch


  1. Leave some fuel on the second stage for deorbit burn.

  2. After decoupling the payload deorbit to land close to KSC (important to save money)

  3. You can land any stage manually or automatically using Stage Recovery Mode. If you land manually don't forget to activate brakes and landing gear.

  4. PROFIT!