Walking is as Easy as Breathing: Groove Control 1.0

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Walking Is As Easy As Breathing is a simple loose script which gives you a "Groove Control" key, similar in spirit to Bethesda roleplaying games: simply press the key and your character will continue moving forward until you override the movement with key input of your own. Intended for keyboard users.

The script will add a negligible frame impact to your game. It drops to a processing frequency of 6 Hz until you press the key, where it moves up to per-frame processing (necessary to provide control input overrides), and then drops back to its original frequency when you turn it off or take over your movement control.

Default setup is for the C key. Key assignments can be easily modified by hacking the script yourself -- it's a plain text .cs file.


  1. Install ScriptHook V.
  2. Install ScriptHookVDotNet. (mirror)
  3. Place WalkingIsAsEasyAsBreathing.cs in your /Grand Theft Auto V/Scripts folder.

Public domain. Feel free to use/abuse/claim as your own.