Vietnam SF retexture for CopTwinkiePuccie's uniforms 1.1 (Included Trench Coat)

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Vietnam early-war US special Forces uniforms for mp male

These are My retextured versions on CopTwinkiePuccie's Vietnam uniforms!
This is my second upload, and it is a small pack!

Vietnam War Uniforms for MP Male V2

Requirements: OpenIV

Installation: Just rename and replace the files to go along with your wanted textures,
and it will show up in-game!

If there are either texture errors or requests, please feel free to leave comments.
There are more Vietnam&Cold War stuff coming!

features: Historically accurate SF Enlisted&Officer uniforms
Rambo:First Blood Colonel Trautman's class a uniform&Trench coat
Green Beret berets and Trautman's beret

Specially crafted the name tag and ribbon bar just for Col. Trautman - His commendations& patches are movie accurate!

V1 - Initial upload
V1.1 - Included Trautman's Trench coat