Vehicle Scenarios - Variety 2.0

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Ambient vehicle scenarios happen all over the map. Cars/bikes that drive certain routes or aircraft that fly around. I'm adding more models/variants to those scenarios to give them more variety. ( * refer to notes for time sensitive scenarios)

This will add more variety to these vehicle scenarios:

  • Monster truck spawn at Rebel Radio will cycle through variants of the Arena War monster trucks.
  • Dune Buggy scenarios will cycle through different offroad buggy models.
  • Lost bikers will ride other chopper models along with the standard Hexer.
  • Lifeguards will ride two quad bike variants.
  • Zancudo will now have Khanjali tanks added and the Nightshark will chase you.
  • Modded gang cars on Grove Street will be lowrider dlc custom variants.
  • Dirt Bike scenarios will cycle through different moto/bike models.

Added in version 2:

  • Modded Beach vehicles (replaced bifta/khalihari with TrophyTruck/Scramjet/Vagrant/Outlaw/Deluxo/Winky/Rocket Voltic
  • Lifeguard Helicopter replaced with SeaSparrow (looks so cool)
  • Zancudo now has both Cargobob variants that fly around
  • *Zancudo now has more large propellar airplanes that take off at the far end of the runway*
  • Zancudo now has different fighter jets that land and take off from the base (also Besra)
  • *Coast Guard scenarios will include a weaponized dinghy and weaponized Patrolboat*
  • Blimp will have two variants that fly around the city
  • Private helicopters will cycle through different luxury models
  • *Countryside Planes: Dodo Seaplane and Ultralight glider added to the countryside lineup. (these will also land at Trevor's airstrip*)
  • Ultralight glider will also share scenarios with Duster at Mckenzie Field and Vineyard
  • LS Airport jets: Deluxe Luxor variant and Nimbus jet added

*Notes: Time sensitive triggers and location triggers
Large Zancudo planes will take off at the end of the runway at 15:00 on game clock. Drive around outside the base. Planes will spawn while looking away from runway.
Trevor's Airstrip: Sit anywhere off the end of the runway either on the dirt road or in the field at 15:00 (start from far away and show up there just before the timer hits 15). Look towards the runway and a plane will spawn right behind you to land on the runway.
Coast Guard locations tested: Outside Zancudo and outside LS Airport close to shore. These boats will respond to wanted levels within scenario boundaries. They will not show up outside of scenario boundary. (That would have to be edited in dispatch.meta.)

There are other trigger spots with other times. These are the ones I know for sure that I naturally discovered and used for testing. All other scenarios I used '12:00' to test.

Install: Run OpenIV (Edit mode on)
update / update.rpf / common / data / ai
(copy/show in mods folder)
Replace vehiclemodelsets.meta

Simple Trainer (current version) (so dlc vehicles won't disappear)
I also recommend this for the Hexer bikes. It is so cool!