UFO Interior [Menyoo]

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This mod is for Menyoo PC. It will not load in Map Editor. It will not work on pirated versions of the game. You must have the latest GTA Online patch and version of Menyoo to run this map.

Previously only seen during a cutscene, here is the UFO Michael is abducted into in the story mode mission "Did Somebody Say Yoga?" I've given it (fake) collision and entrance/exit teleports, along with a quick recreation of the alleyway setting (where Michael is dragged by chimpanzees).

Future versions may add additional fun stuff or different abduction scenarios. Feel free to make your own using this map as a base (but be a pal and credit me if you do).

To access the interior, walk into the corona under where Michael is being lifted into the sky. To exit, fall down the shaft in the center of the interior (parachute recommended).

Bugs: Once you land after exiting the interior, you'll be teleported right back up to the exit teleport again. Fortunately it only recurs once and is not an infinite loop. Teleport markers are still relatively new in Menyoo so this may be fixed soon.