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Now for something a little random. I bring you.. Tornado Script. A script that brings a whole new element to stormy weather in GTA V.
With this script installed, it brings the possibility that a violent tornado will spawn in when the weather turns bad.

Tornados can be set to appear naturally during thunderstorms or spawned at your command using a specified keybind.

If you have any ideas for what you want to see with this mod, please post it below. Thanks (:

WARNING - Keep in mind that this script does not come without a hit to framerate. It has yet to be tested on low- end machines, but I think its fair to assume that any especially low- end hardware may have issues running this. The single most important thing you can do to alleviate this is reducing the particle quality to low using the settings menu in -game


The INI config file gives you the option to adjust these settings.

Default activation key is the F6 key (heh)

Additional Requirements

Key Binds

  • T - Opens Console.

Tips for Improving Performance

  • Set particle quality to low in graphics settings
  • Run the game at a lower resolution
  • Adjust variables in the INI file such as "
    MaxParticleLayers" and "ParticlesPerLayer"
  • Adjust variables in the INI file called "ParticleAsset" and "ParticleName" (VortexAdvanced) to override with a (custom) less intense particle



  • Reduced download size
  • Re- added tornado "cloud top" effect
  • Added (experimental) debris spawning system
  • Increased the minimum distance to player when spawning during a thunderstorm

v1.3 (beta) Semi- Big Update

  • Re- implemented the code for collecting entities, making for some nice performance improvements
  • Added tornado siren and ambient sound effects that change dynamically based on the tornado strength and position
  • Added dynamic detection of materials/ surfaces, allowing the tornado to take on the color of whatever material it is travelling over. Sand, dirt and pavement are currently recognized
  • Tornadoes now have a random lifespan, making it possible for a thunderstorm to spawn multiple tornadoes in a realistic way
  • Peds are now more reactive when seeing the tornado and will run for their lives (still perfecting this one)
  • Additional changes to spawning and path-finding related code. The tornado should now avoid high elevations and stick closer to roads and open flat areas


  • Improved framerate by 200%
  • Tornado no longer follows the player
  • Reduced vertical force scale for player entities
  • Added an optional "cloud-top" effect that can be enabled via the config file


  • Adjusted default "ParticlesPerLayer" from 9 to 10


  • Support game patch 1.0.1365.1
  • Added a ton more configurable options to the config file
  • Added an in-game console to change properties of the tornado in real-time


  • Fixes crashing issues related to the parsing of numbers in the config file


  • Essentially rebuilt the entire mod from the ground up to favor performance. Although, the particles themselves remain quite a FPS- killer.
  • Added realistic vortex physics (Much more like a real tornado)
  • Added tweak-able options to the config file that allow customization of the tornado behavior.
  • Removed the tornado sound (for now) since it was causing a bug for quite a few people. I plan to add this back at another time.


  • Fix for HUD disappearing.
  • Added some sound FX.