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Tommy Vercetti - HD Voice Pack For GTA V
By HarleyQuinnSquad

This is a voice pack mod for GTA V that adds over 700 unique Tommy Vercetti sounds and quotes. Giving you over 18 minutes of content. I might add more sounds and voice files sometime in the future. But I think 700 voice files are more than enough for now. I made sure to add all of Tommy Vercetti's most famous quotes. I ripped these voice files straight from the PC version of GTA Vice City.

I made this voice pack mod because I was disappointed with the quality and quantity of the voice files that were included with AnimaVestra's Tommy Vercetti Voice Pack that was posted to GTA 5 Mods in December 01, 2017. I hope you guys enjoy my HD voice pack of Tommy Vercetti!

Mod Requirements:

  1. Script Hook V:

  2. Script Hook V .NET:

  3. Voice Player:

How To Install:

  • Simply drop the files from the download into your script folder.

  • Rename the folder ''Tommy Vercetti'' to the same name as the ped model spawn name you would like to configure.
    -Full list of different ped names can be found here:

  • If you would like to customize your voice pack, you can choose which voice files to put in your scripts folder by looking through the different categories and seeing what you like. Or you can just use all 700 voice files without customizing it and put the included scripts folder in your GTA V directory.

  • In the game, change your player model to the model you just configured and press E.

How To Use:

Default controls: E on keyboard, Dpad-Right on controller (configurable in Voice Player settings.ini).

Volume is configurable; ranges from 0 to 1.

In the settings.ini, ALLOW SPEECH TO BE INTERRUPTED allows the ped to stop talking and forces the current-playing sound to stop when the ped goes into ragdoll or suffers any injury.

Just press E when playing as your configured Ped and enjoy!

I recommend downloading lunchxbles's HD Tommy Vercetti Mod for a high quality model of Tommy Vercetti:


You can upload this mod anywhere you please but make sure to give me credit. You can use this in your own mod as long as I am credited. Enjoy the mod! :)