Spongebob Squarepants Skin for Child Mod by Quechus13

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This is a texture skin for Child Mod by Quechus13.
All credits about the model go to him. What I did was to texture the upper and lower texture images.

PLEASE NOTE: You have to download the original mod located here
Original Child Mod

-Spongebob Tie
-Spongebob themed blazer
-Yellowish Trousers
-Red Shoe Sole

Instructions for installing this mod are simple:
Download original mod and install either by overwriting original files (eg. ig_dale) or by downloading addonpeds-asi-pedselector. Then overwite once again the file with mine, and there you go, Spongebob Child just appears! :)

Please, let Quechus13 upload more of his children mods. Children mods are not something to be shocked, animals have been used for the first time in GTA V and after a while everyone was fine with that. Is it because Rockstar did it in the first place? Maybe, dunno, but we all want a more realistic GTA V, that's what we work for :)

Merry X-mas to everybody! :)

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