BlackMarketV (Private Dealer) 2.0.1

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FIFASam aka ZyDevs

"Private Dealer" has returned, but is now pushing forward as BlackMarketV

BlackMarketV v2.0.1

Community .NET Hook
NativeUI (most recent version included in 2.0.1)

As requested many times in the past, this is similar to an "Arms Dealer" (still working on a lot of features). You can call in vehicles, special pills, ammo, and weapons.

Order vehicles in 5 different types, you can now select which vehicle to have delivered.

Some weapons are now available for purchase in 1.7. I have
not added every weapon yet, and future plans will have the weapons delivered to you.

Right now, its is a very basic mod that many trainers already do, the difference is the feel or role-play factor. Just seems a little better to have a vehicle delivered to you than to have a car spawn in front of you.

Calling backup is now available in v1.53(suggested by @TwistedF), it is very simple but it works as a barebone bodyguard system.

Dealer Reputation (v1.8+) is important, you must have decent
reputation for certain services.

2.0.1 - overhual update: reputation system has been
completely replaced with a new, improved system,
which includes a "save" file that will keep your
reputation saved for each time you play, or if you
would like to edit your reputation yourself.
replaced old menu with new, efficient selectors
for vehicles and weapons.
you can now earn reputation for being a good citizen
kind of ironic but, stay away from police trouble
and the dealers will respect you more.
UI completely re done, including the messaging
system from before. next big update (3.0) will have
a selective dialouge that will effect each scenario
in different ways.
expect every vehicle and weapon in v2.1 :)

v2.0 - you can now adjust the prices in the settings.ini file.

v1.9 - you can now sell your weapons to your dealer

v1.85 - Fixed many typos, fixed up reputation, Added these vehicles: Monroe, FMJ, Penetrator, SabreGT, Felon, Jackal, Glendale

v1.8 - Dealer reputation introduced, settings for rep in .ini

v1.71 - Added the following vehicles: Infernus, Tempesta, Reaper, Jester, Bullet, Lynx, Mesa, Cavalcade, Stanier.
Added the following weapons: Compact Rifle, CombatMG.

v1.7 - weapons available for purchase. not 100% completed

v1.6 - you can now select which vehicle will be delivered to you, instead of it being random.

v1.53 - backup menu added, hire 3 different levels of bodyguards.

v1.4 - dealer meetup introduced, added "Health Package" service.

v1.3 - First release. Basic menus (2 Service options, 1 ammo option, 5 vehicle options [10 vehicle each])

Credit to jedijosh920 for being the og with helping refresh my memory with GTA V modding.