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This is a Nike hat that I have designed.

How to install:

Open with OpenIV and go to GTAV / x64v.rpf / models / cdimages /streamedpedprops.rpf / player_one /

Replace the file with the one in archive.

Note: Make sure all the OpenIV tools are up to date in order for this to work.

Where to Find:

You can find this Nike hat at Binco or discount store in the hat section Then Purchase the Ls White Fitted Cap and then you should have the Nike Hat .


If you need any help downloading this mod please read the readme.txt within the file. And then if you still confused tell me then I will assist.

Note: Dont use this online because you are most likely to get banned. Also if you want to help others within the comments then go ahead.

Enjoy Guys and buy me a pair if it works :)