Night Sky and Planets pack 3.0

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This is my very first texture mod. I have many new ideas but I need to know something about a few textures before I make them.
In this texture mod, there is a night sky and a moon texture in which the night sky is very detailed and instead of the moon, there are other planets such as Mars and Saturn. As the glow the moon produces is white, so the planets will not look in their original colour as it really is. I am still trying to figure out how to make the glow from the moons disappear so that these textures look at its best.

Install using OpenIV!

  1. Using OpenIV in Edit Mode, open up x64a.rpf, then navigate to /textures/ and replace skydome.ytd with this one! Backup first.

I hope to make some new player textures and some mp_freemode textures. If any experienced texture modder is there please contact me.
Thank you. :)

Added Mars and detailed Night sky

Added Saturn on the request of Nero

Added Jupiter on the request of skillicious_gaming

Added high quality moon texture (forgot to upload the screenshot)

Added high quality Earth texture as the moon.

Added Solar Eclipse (Some more corrections were done after the screenshot was taken)
Added a detailed planet Cybertron

Major update
Added Google Chrome
Added Mozilla Firefox
Added Yin Yang
Added the new Batman signal from Superman vs Batman movie
Added Planet Namek from Dragon Ball Z