Metal Gear Solid: Shadow Moses Heliport 1.0

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Basic Info: This map is a remake of the originial Heliport from
Metal Gear Solid/Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes. The map was based
on Airam Hernández's Heliport that was in his Fan Legacy Map. In order for
this map to work you first need to install "Custom Props Add-On" made
by Shaezbreizh, If you haven't already. Since We Just passed September 3rd, The 20th Anniversary of Metal Gear Solid I decided to upload another Metal Gear Solid Map. I'll make the entire map if requested.

To have the most similar visuals to the game turn on snow and and make the weather clear or foggy

Heliport Xml:This File is the Heliport without any Npc's in the area. Made
to explore the map

Heliport(NPC) xml: The file contains the same map as Dock xml but has
Npc's into the map. The Npc's are GTA Online Characters that look like
the Genome Soldiers. The Character only moves so if you're in their
field of vision, they will not attack you

Heliport Hind:Same file as the heliport xml except it has a Mi-24 Hind a Russian
Gunship placed onto the Helipad Enjoy

Go to your Grand Theft Auto V folder /menyoostuff/spooner
and drop Both xml Files into the folder

Mod Requirements:
Custom Props Add-on:
Infinity Bandana(Not Needed but recommended):