Merry Weather Secret Island Base [.NET] 2.0

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Merry Weather Secret Island Base .Net Script v2.00

change log v2.00:
-Fixed some code so npcs are in a group so they dont shoot at each other, they will only shoot at the player now.

This mod adds a new merry weather secret island base to the game using only a script.
Merry Weathers island base is located to the left side of the gta world, use the pause menu map to see what side your on.
-added merry weather secret island base map.
-added 68 merry weather npcs guarding the base.
-added buzzards, hydra jet, cargobob and forklifts.
-over 400 props loaded to create this base.
-If all merry weather npcs are dead then you can simply press "Q" To spawn them all back at the base at anytime
its important not to spawn them more than once when pressing Q unless they are all dead first.

Check location picture in the downloaded rar file to see exact base location.

Put MerryWeatherSecretBaseScript.dll file in GTA V "scripts" folder
Put SpawnMoreMerryWeatherNPCS.dll file in GTA V "scripts" folder

ScriptHook V
ScriptHook V Dot Net

Script Mod By ShadowCoderKing/SpiderMight