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After ages of waiting (took me ages to figure out all code needed) I'm finally releasing the first public version of "Menu Creator V".

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Information -
Menu Creator V is a MetroFramework based tool to help beginners create NativeUI menus. It can seem a bit complicated at first but once you get your head around everything, it will be come a lot easier.
Not all the features are completely finished (see some of the buttons will just say "Sorry, this function does not currently work."), but most of it is.

Screenshots -
Here are the main screenshots (may add more if requested):
Main Screenshots

Features -
Menu Creator V features everything from creating notifications to repairing and washing your vehicle. Most stuff will be included in the screenshots.

Usage -
In the zip file, you'll see a regular folder saying "Metro Menu UI", drag that folder anywhere (desktop, documents, somewhere memorable), then open the .exe file (keep the files in the folder, don't extract anything except the folder saying "Metro Menu UI".
Once you've opened the .exe (should be called "Metro Menu.exe") you can go ahead and try some stuff out.
First thing you'll find is "File", "Help" and "Tools".

  • "File" allows you to save the whole textbox (with all code) to somewhere as a .cs (CSharp) file), open the whole thing in Visual Studio (VS2013/2015 required, find all downloads and requirements below), then build the solution. Exit is self explanatory-

  • "Help" is self explanatory, explore it and see everything included.

  • "Tools" holds all the tools needed to create code. "Open UI Coding" allows for creating the submenus and standalone buttons and checkboxes. Lists not included yet. "Open Code Creator" is the standalone coding like invincibility, never wanted and blip stuff.

  • Main Form holds the code you'll be using to build the menu.

Credits -
Abel Software ( -
Helped me with a huge load of coding, including opening the project in Visual Studio. Full props to you, dude.

jedijosh920 ( -
Didn't directly help me, but his Script Creator V was great help for some of the "Help" stuff. Thanks alot!

Reazer ( -
Reminding me and helping me with some functions. Thank you!

Requirements -
Visual Studio: Visual Studio Community Edition
Click "Download Community Free" to download Visual Studio.

NativeUI.dll: NativeUI
Click "Download" to download NativeUI.dll.

Click "" to download ScriptHookVDotNet.

Changelog (will be updated) -
v1.0.0 -
Initial Release.