Loft Apartment [Menyoo] 2.1

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This map is for Menyoo. It will not load in Map Editor. It will not work on pirated versions of the game and you must have the latest patch installed. If you load these maps with graphic enhancement mods your frames will drop to shit. Luckily I don't care about that. I do not make Menyoo, so bug @MAFINS.

Help to gentrify Los Santos!

This empty room hidden away in an industrial building in East Los Santos has been converted into a high priced apartment for the young and upwardly mobile. New hardwood flooring, windows, ceiling, and tiled kitchen floor have been installed, but the shabby chic exposed brick walls have been left intact.

Amenities include a full kitchen, street access via stairs and a fire escape, an outdoor patio with hottub, and a stunning view of the downtown skyline across the L.S. River.

And what hip loft would be complete without a cat?

Changelog: v2

  • Added a teleport marker. Apartment is still accessible via the front stairs to the patio.
  • Added some small details not worth retaking pictures for.
  • Teleports are now compatible with latest version of Menyoo, and will spawn you facing the correct direction.