Iron Spider 1.1

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V1.1 update:
remake the texture with better metallic reflection and added more details
Provide recovery files

Play as Iron spider in GTA5!!!
Iron spider is the spider-man suit designed by Tony Stark (aka Ironman) for Peter Parker. It has appeared in the comics and TV several times namely in the 2006 civil war comics event and the Ultimate spider-man cartoon series, etc...

Thia mod is amended based on Quechus13 spiderman civil war model, which is very high quality, please also download it if you haven't, thx.

Installation guide:

  1. Put the whole folder iron spider v1.1 into your GTA 5 main file

  2. Use Open IV, put all the files in the ironspider 1.1 parts into
    (For v1.0 you need to install all the files in the iron spider parts to
    mods\x64v.rpf\models\cdimages\componentpeds_g_m_m.rpf )

  3. put all the files in the script folder to
    scripts\IronmanV Files\ armors
    (For those of you who haven't installed Jullio NIB iron-man mod, please download it here: )

How to play:
press Ctrl N choose ironman mod and choose "Iron spider by Titus"
(I highly recommend you guys to use the iron-man mod because iron-spider do have iron-man power, also you guys can try this mod which can make the explosion looks super epic:
(although in the comics, iron spider won't make this kind of destruction)