Handling for the Police Maverick v4

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Finally! A helicopter crazy enough to handle the loose canon!

Originally designed for all of the Los Santos Police Department, the Police Maverick Based on the EuroCopter AS-350B, the Police Maverick is the offspring of the frogger and the Maverick, which combines the froggers Maneuverability and Speed into a package Law Enforcement officers, and Hospital Pilots can't seem to get enough of! It's dual sided rappel beams means that you can perform quick deployments into the action, or maintain the tactical high-ground with up-to 2 rear-passenger seats.

With a, and co-pilot-mounted camera, and a re-designed aerodynamic cabin, chases end faster, and rescues are completed quicker making this the ultimate investment!

Keep in mind that due to the increased weight due to the optimized turbo engines, auto rotations, are less likely to be successful without damaging the aircraft, HOWEVER, with proper training, you'll leave scratched up, but alive!

So if you're in charge of a hospital, or police station, and you want to improve the capabilities of your aerial operations, look no further than the Police Maverick!
(Available in Police, and Medivac Carrier variants!)