Ultra Low Graphics - Intel Celeron 1.2

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I hope that this mod you can reach the Fps that you wanted in your Pc games of little requirement a great support to this mod


1: open the open iv and copy the update.rpf in the mods folder as well as common.rpf so as not to damage the original game file when editing.

2: The next thing we are going is to address asia the folder mods / update / update.rpf / common / data / timecycle and copy the files of the mod in timecycle.

3: then we do not direct in the following address mods / update / update.rpf / common / data and the file hbaosettings.xml and visualsettings.dat we copy it in data and ready.

4: after installing the files in the udpate.rpf now we will install the mod in the common.rpf

5: we went on this mods / common.rpf / data / address timecycle and copy the timecycle the mod.

6: mods / common.rpf / data and copy visualsettings.dat

Once the whole procedure is installed we are going to copy the commandline.txt in the root of the game to have a higher Fps speed
if you do not like the resolution width 640, -height 480. place the most recommended width 800, height 600.

Now let's go with the settings.xml installation we're going to Asia Documents \ Rockstar Games \ GTA V open the settings and put the name of our video card and close and save the configuration and ready