Gruppe 6 Headquarters [FiveM | SP] 1.0

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Hey guys, this one requires Community Map Builder Pro. Make sure you have this prior to downloading to minimize on "Half my map don't show up". :-)

You can really use this building for what you would like as well. This is on Marina dr by Stab City.

Installation for SP:


Installation instructions: FiveM

This is in a Ymap which means you can stream it server sided to your FiveM server.

  1. Make a folder in your server files.
  2. Make a stream folder in your server file.
  3. Add the .ymap into the stream folder.
  4. add in your resource.lua
  5. Add the folder name to your server config.
  6. Enjoy the Ymap :-)

AllProRP Dev team

APRP Discord:

I hope you all enjoy this!

Thank you!