Formula One with PitStop - F1 [Community Races]

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*** Please don't forget to donate guys so i can carry on making these maps for you guys, thanks :) ***

Hey guys.
This is my New Community Race Edition of my previous Formula One track.

This is a BETA!! there will be a update for the cars coming soon!

The track has been slightly changed in order for the cars to follow the checkpoints.

However, the Pit Stop is still the same, with some new added extras :)

You can race with up to 20 other F1 Cars!!

I always play with NO TRAFFIC / PEDS.

please let me know if there is anything that you think needs changing, or any maps you would like me to make.

I have added instructions on where to put the files in the folders and its a simple drag and drop!

Map Editor -
F1 Car -
Community Races -

*** UPDATE ****

I will be adding different F1 cars to this map, so they will not all be the same.
I am also looking in to changing to pitstop to have teams, rather than all the same!


I upload maps daily!
Let me know if you get any problems.