Ford F-550 Towtruck French Police Municipale [ELS]

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tiki le kiwi

Bonjour, voici une dépanneuse police municipale.
Remplace : "towtruck" (1)
L'installation est dans le .rar
J'ai légèrement modifié le véhicule.

Crédit's :

  • Wrecker by Dbaak, converted to gta 4 by Gucci Mane,
    converted to gta 5 by DeezNutties123
  • Ford F550 cab by Ubisoft Reflections & Ramon_Cube, converted to gta 4 by Lex_91,
    converted to gta 5 by DeezNutties123
  • Templated by DeezNutties123
  • Lights installation & edit by DevinKan
  • File ELS : ObsidianGames
  • Whelen M4s by GTAxBoss
  • Federal Signal Integrity by RoegonTV
  • Whelen ION by lccop
  • Whelen Dominator 8 by tomcat
  • Peinture police : tiki le kiwi

  • vehicle :
    ( Thank's for the unlock vehicle)

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