Extra Singleplayer Garages 1.4

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Nate Dogg, mlgthatsme
  • This Mod adds 30 new Garages to the Single Player Garage Mod by mlgthatsme

  • You need to have singleplayer garages installed in order to make this work!

  • Download the necessary mod here

  • This Modpack is now officially done, meaning there will not be any more Garages added!


  • Download and install the Single Player Garage Mod by mlgthatsme

  • Make sure you installed ScriptHookV and ScriptHookVDotNet

  • Move the Folder 'SinglePlayerGarage' into your "Grand Theft Auto V\scripts" directory.

  • You can delete individual Garages by deleting their respective folder at "Grand Theft Auto V\scripts\SinglePlayerGarage".

  • Try deleting some garages if your game does not load properly after installing this pack.

Extra Garages:

  1. Bayside Storage

  2. Big House Storage, Los Santos Docks

  3. Chumash Plaza

  4. Del Perro Pier Garages

  5. Fleeca Bank Route 1

  6. Gran Senora Autoshop

  7. Grapeseed Barn

  8. Hangman Avenue 1105, Vinewood Hills

  9. Kortz Center

  10. La Mesa Police Station

  11. Lake Vinewood Drive

  12. Mission Row Police Station

  13. Murrieta Heights Depot

  14. Normandy Drive 4136, Vinewood Hills

  15. Paleto Bay Warehouse

  16. Playboy Mansion

  17. Post OP, Los Santos Docks

  18. Rancho Facility

  19. Rancho Projects

  20. Rebel Radio Station

  21. Rockford Plaza

  22. Stoner Cement Works

  23. Strawberry Avenue

  24. The Chrome Dome

  25. The Epsilon Program

  26. The Jetty Pacific Bluffs

  27. Union Grain Senora Freeway

  28. Yellow Jack Inn

  29. Youtool Lockup

  30. Zancudo Avenue Garage, Sandy Shores

  • Changelog can be found here