Dan Bilzerian [Add-On] 0.4b

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I made him on my free time, so don't expect an update in a while, but when I'll update him, he will be finished. Also, I'm working in some weapons for my Real Weapons V pack.

Dan Bilzerian by MAESTRE
This model (whole Head model) it's completely mine, so if you don't ask to use it and also give me credits, i'll take some serious actions. (Already happened before with my Affleck's model, an unauthorized Fallout NV Mod, so don't steal my content unless i give you permission and you give me credits.

-UHD (4K) Face Texture
-Good Speculars
-Clothes physics (wind affects cloth collision)
-Blood map on clothes (Working on face blood maps)
-3D Beard and eyelashes.
-Realistic eyes (I didn't use the technique I used before with Ben Affleck's eyes, because in game doesn't looks much realistic and sometimes he looks cross eyed.)
-Hands are well skinned, no weird mesh bugs on them.

-Full Facial Animations (It's ready to it, the head model it's already with mouth [teeth and tongue])
-Replacing Franklin but also an AddOn stream ped Method (Using addonpeds by meth0d, an simple AddOn like niko bellic by TheNGcLan or replacing some mp characters)
-Better Hair positioning (avoid clipping)

-Some skinning issues
-If you have a low-end pc (with SMAA below x4 or without TXAA) you can get some artifacs on the beard (It also happens with any High Detailed hair, That's not the model's issue, it's your config, this model it's HQ)
-Maybe in day time, a shader bug, with shirt wrinkles.
-Not matching perfectly (skin color, texture issue) arms with hands