CHP Lighting for BxBugs123's ELS CVPI 1.2.0

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1.2.0 - Edited (some) Secondary Lights to red. I unfortunately cannot change the remaining blue secondary / warning lights to red. This is because the remaining blue lights also control the blue lights in the light bar. Changing these lights to red would result in an all red & amber light bar.
Further edited the VCF for more CHP styled patterns for Stage 3, Siren 1, & Out of Vehicle, and fun CHP inspired patterns for Sirens 2-4, & Panic Mode. (Siren 4 disabled by default.)
1.1.1 - Added Screenshots to reflect TheDmac's skins. (No other change from 1.1.0)
1.1.0 - Added proper CHP based SAHP skins (2k) provided by TheDmac.

I've been looking for a good CHP / SAHP Els compatible CVPI but couldn't find one I was happy with... So I edited BxBugs123's ELS CVPI to be more CHP styled. Enjoy!

What this file does is 4 things:
Change the rear lights in the middle of the lightbar to Amber.
Change the lighting patterns to a more CHP styled pattern.
Includes different CHP-ish patterns for each siren (1-3 siren 4 disabled by default) and out-of-vehicle.
And includes 2k CHP based SAHP Skins (Not pictured in screenshots.... yet).

I spent a decent amount of time on this so I hope you enjoy it.
Do NOT redistrubute this file anywhere without my express permission in advance.
You can however freely edit these files as you see fit.
**View the ReadMe for installation instructions & more.**

Replace emerglights_emis_arjent.png in the .ytd for your CHP / SAHP ELS compatible CVPI.
Rename the ELS XML (or vcf file) file to the vehicle name you're using.
Add the ELS XML (or vcf file) to Grand Theft Auto V/ELS/pack_default
or whatever your VCF folder is called.

Car Download:

ELS (Required):

If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact me.

BxBugs123 for providing the original files.
TheDmac for providing CHP based SAHP Skins.

Editing the Secondary & Warning Lighting to be more CHP styled.