Officer Clinton LSPD / LSSD

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V4a Adds the police hat which i forgot to include (only included the texture)

This replaces and retextures various pieces of clothing to make franklin into either an lspd or and lssd Officer (you can have both outfits installed without a problem) and this only replaces unused clothing.

The LSSD Uniform Clips with franks neck so in the blaine county folder there is an edited head texture that will fix that

Video was made using Eddlm's LSPD: Dangerous Individuals

Use a trainer to put on the clothes and accessories
Open up the trainer go to models then at the bottom of the list you'll see clothes menu.

The ASP baton in the third screen is an unreleased model (for now) by BxBugs with my improved textures

Officer De Santa LSPD / LSSD
Officer Phillips LSPD / LSSD
LSPD Trevor
80's & 90's LAPD Sirens
Beretta 92 Hybrid (Improved Textures)
Police Hakuchou

This archives file structure mirrors gta 5's file structure so just follow it along folder after folder till you have to drop in the ytds/ydrs

v1.4b Adds the original helmet texture as f,g and h also fixes the pants color for the blaine county uniform.

V1.3 Adds a Police helmet It replaces the helmet franklin puts on when riding a motorcycle (replaces all motor bike helmet textures too)

v1.2 Replaces both badges (on hat and chest) and replaces the decal with one the police use ingame.