AGR - Black Ops II [Add-On] 0.1

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AGR ported from Black Ops 2

This is my second mod, so if you are seeing this I appreciate the support.
Any issues or suggestions - Please leave a comment on the mod page.

Black Ops 2 was an excellent game and over the years I've seen Rockstar add similar vehicles, but nothing is ever the same. This is a redesign of the Minitank.

Player controlled AGR.
Working machine gun with turret rotation.
Working rocket launcher (no turret rotation due to game limitations).
Liveries are included, Security being default.

Known Issues:
Collision is bugged.
Lighting is a bit bugged. It's an issue with my approach to liveries - still working on it.
No turret rotation when using missiles.
Tank tracks have a wierd parallax effect when viewed from certain angles.
Vehicle is not designed to be autonomous, with that being said I have seen AI carjack this vehicle XD.
1-1 scale might be a bit off.


Very easy install, like most add on vehicles...
Mod directory recommended.

Copy "agr" dlc folder to
(mods) > update > x64 > dlcpacks

Update dlclist
(mods) > update > update.rpf > common > data
by adding the following line:


Start the game and have fun!

Vehicle is spawned via "agr". You may need to stand directly on top to enter.