4K MTA New Flyer Buses MEGA TEXTURE PACK 1.2

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4K MTA New York City Transit New Flyer Buses MEGA TEXTURE PACK

Need to decorate your game in New York ? Here is a pack of 8 American buses from New Flyer Industries, in MTA livery !
You will find here all the New Flyer models that the MTA uses, yes, the textures, the windows, the plates, the vehicle unit, the depot, etc... are exactly the same in real life (take the 2017 New Flyer XE40 0015 by typing on google and you will find images identical to my textures !).

Everything is real, except, unfortunately, we cannot have everything like for example New Flyer XE40 or XN40, without the bike port as well as the rear window removed, so this pack will be simply based on the New Flyer XD40 and XD60 of SCPDUnit23 aka SCPDArmor23. ^^

Hope you have fun with this pack !

This pack includes custom license plates to make the buses even more realistic.
This pack includes recent liveries.
This pack includes +selectbusservice liveries.

2017 New Flyer XE40
2017 New Flyer XN40 +sbs
2017 New Flyer XN40
2019 New Flyer XE60 +sbs
2018 New Flyer XN60
2018 New Flyer XN60 +sbs
2018 New Flyer XDE40
2021 New Flyer XDE40
2021 New Flyer XD40

Vehicle models used:

Showcase :


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  • It is strictly forbidden to modify my textures !

Update 1.2 :
2021 New Flyer XD40 recently purchased by MTA and assigned to Fresh Pond Depot added to pack !

Update 1.1 :
Small update for the carcols.ymt because it wasn't clean before for people who want to directly install my completed carcols.ymt. ^^