We Are The Minutemen - An Alias Introduction

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We Are The Minutemen - An Alias Introduction

This mod mixes up We Are The Minutemen, Alias - Framework and the introduction feature from my Alias - Introduction Needed mod.

Each Minuteman from the regular leveled list will now have one of the following ranks:

  • Minuteman Private

  • Minuteman Corporal

  • Minuteman Sergeant

  • Minuteman Lieutenant

  • Minuteman Captain

  • Mechanized Minuteman (PA)

  • Veteran Minuteman

Then using the Alias Framework mixed with the condition to first need to speak to the npcs for it to trigger you can find out their last name. So for example "Minuteman Corporal" will be known as once you spoken to them "Corporal Johnson".

Mechanized Minutemen are randomized to result in one of the three:

  • Steel Sergeant Johnson

  • Iron Lieutenant Johnson

  • Armor Captain Johnson.

To make sure you're not stuck with 90% captains at the end of the game I had to clean up the leveled list and in return also rebalanced the level scaling applied to all the Minutemen. In the original mod they would be anything between 30% to 70% of your level. Now they'll be much closer in level but instead have a max level that reminds of the Gunner levels.

Workshop versions of the Minutemen will still be called "Minuteman" and will be known as "Minuteman Johnson" once spoken to.

TheFirstEnD for creating We Are The Minutemen.
WhiskyTangoFawks for creating Alias - Framework.