T-47R Power Armor

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The T-47R is a unique spin on the T-45 series of power armor. It is comparable to T-51 at Mk.I, but upgrading it will only increase
Energy Resistance. This power armor is great for taking into fights against anyone who uses laser weapons, such as synths.

Mk.IV and stronger linings have added poison resistance, so you can more easily deal with those pesky Radscorpions.

All paints are separate from their decals, which means you can have any faction logo on any paint.

Four new attachmentsCryocoolerRocket JetpackBackpack and Terminal


* One levelled set can be found south of Fort Hagen in one of three metal buildings.

* The Unique set is split into four parts, each obtainable in different parts of the map.
(Go to Nick Valentine's Detective Agency for a riddle of hints)

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Helmet - Abandoned Shack
Arms - Quincy Ruins Church
Torso - Sentinel Site
Legs - FEV Lab

**  LORE:

 The T-47R is an evolution of the T-45 series of power armor, designed to withstand higher amounts of radiation and environmental protection than the previous model. It's protective capabilities against radiation and energy damage comes from it's addition of a lead-plastic polymer, which is also more susceptible to ballistic damage. Unlike the T-45, which is primarily used in mass by the U.S. Military, the T-47R allows itself to be more expensive and sport tools like a built in geiger counter and antibody kit.

West-Tek allowed all vaults in the Boston area to be equipped with one set of T-47R, as it allowed safe venture into the wastelands in case of an all out war. The T-47R model was also used by companies like Mass Fusion and General Atomics to handle dangerous radioactive materials and waste, needing only a couple suits of PA compared to many expensive specially designed Mr Handys which had less precision due to their extra weight caused by radiation shielding.

Because the T-47R wasn't a military issue combat-oriented armor, it was produced in less quantity and could then have commodities like a built in flashlight system into it's eyes (later seen in X-01 and Advanced power armor). It is up to speculation if later sets of power armor used design elements from the T-47R, because it does have many similarities, yet the manufacturing and designing of later power armors happened in completely different areas.

In the year 2068, in the region of Yucatan, Mexico, there happened to be an outbreak of a deadly virus after
several workers unearthed a tomb. This virus was very contagious and would kill anything and anyone. The
Mexican government requested help from the US, who supplied them with several hundreds of suits of T-47R which were specially modified to withstand biohazardous materials. This special modification was later made the Mk.IV lining.**

AlanaSP for teaching me a lot of stuff, wouldn't be possible without her
GRY for teaching me a ton of stuff and playtesting
Brainstormepilog for playtesting and bugfixing
Gek2Win for great feedback and playtesting
Micalov for feedback and tips
ShimSham  for showing me some awesome tricks
Neeher for allowing me to use his SE-01 animations (currently unused in this project)
OCZ  for showing me some awesome tricks
NewerMind43 for the majority of the decals present in the mod

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