Starlight Landing Pad

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This is a Transfer Settlements Blueprint for the vanilla Starlight Drive-In settlement location.

*When the Minutemen defeated the Brotherhood, they took over a forward operating location the Brotherhood established in the central Commonwealth. The brotherhood used the relatively flat terrain at Starlight Drive-In to setup an emergency landing pad for use by Vertibirds which needed a more in-land location to land if, for whatever reason, they could not make it to the airport on the coast.**The Minutemen, having recovered a handful of Vertibirds for their own use, now use this location for the same purpose. Over time, the Brotherhood's prefabricated metal defenses at the site were bolstered with concrete walls and permanent structures. It represented a considerable investment by the Minutemen, but "FOB Starlight" would eventually have a permanent control tower, barracks, field clinic, power armor racks, and a small armory.

For the Minutemen, it's primary use is as a staging location for their power armored infantry away from the castle, ready to board Vertibirds at a moments notice, similar to the Brotherhood before them. It would go on to be one of the most fortified locations in the Commonwealth besides the Castle itself.*

This doesn't have a lot of interior decorations. Also my builds don't normally accommodate +20 NPCs. The game wasn't built for it/handles it terribly so I try to keep them somewhat modest in size. 

Highly recommend the concrete retexture under the required files. Not actually required, but really works for a lore-friendly concrete structure. Something that actually looks like some settlers could do with enough time/resources.