Sleezy's Critical Juice

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Luh Sleezy

**(This was made for the pre-Next Gen update. I am not 100% certain if it will work with the Next Gen update, but I also don’t see why it wouldn’t. Could someone in the comments please let me know if this works post-Next Gen update)

This mod includes two different syringes that can be built in game.**

  • The 5x Critical Juice gives you a 5% chance to land a critical hit, this version is for players with a Luck of 1-5
  • The 10x Critical Juice gives you a 10% chance to land a critical hit, this version is for players with a Luck of 6-10

Where to find/make the Critical Juice - The Critical Juice can be crafted at any Chemistry station in the "Drug" tab
 - The recipe requires 1x stimpack, 1x acid, 1x oil, and 1x nuclear material
(While crafting there will be a reminder on which version to make so don't worry about remembering if the 5x or the 10x is the right on to make)

Why does it need to be crafted? - I decided that it needs to be crafted to add a little bit of balance to it, that's it really

One last thing, to ensure balance in your game don't be a little cheater and craft a 10x Crit. Juice when you only have 3 Luck, or do be a little cheater, I don't care it your game not mines.

Doesn't Overdrive already do this? 
Yes and no. The chem Overdrive gives you a +25% boost to critical hit chance and damage, but for only 8 minutes. They tend to be pretty rare, and for long-term gameplay, maintaining Overdrive constantly just isn't worth it. Plus, Overdrive has the chance for being addicted, whereas Critical Juice has no addiction. Companions won't be upset if you use Critical Juice. It lasts for 8 real-time hours* and keeps your base damage output balanced.

*Critical Juice will last for 8 real time hours UNLESS you sleep, wait, or fast travel

My plans for Sleezy's Critical Juice 2.0I’m planning on releasing another version that contains just one Critical Juice, which is influenced by luck. This is similar to how Idiot Savant is influenced by Intelligence. Currently, I am figuring out and working on implementing luck’s influence on the Critical Juice. With the implementation of luck’s influence, I will also ensure that the bonus can exceed 10 luck. This is for those with bonuses to luck from perks, mods, or armor/clothing.

  • The way luck will influence the critical chance will be 1-1 so having 10 luck will result in a 10% critical chance, having 25 luck will have a 25% chance, and 1 luck  will have a 1% chance