Shotguns and Flamers Overhaul

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Sambuca 42

This mod changes the aim model of shotguns, their spread now is more similar to reality.
Generally a shotgun with a full cylinder do a spread of 1 meter in 36 meters distance when buck shot are used (game cartiges).
I set the angle of the spread to match thiis.
Combat shotgun do 75 damages and double barrel shotgun do 90 damages.
I also doubled the range of flamer's projectiles (even of plasma gun) and created a new flamer mod that let you fire fireballs like Fallout New Vegas ones.
Damage is 1.5 times more than vaporising muzzle , fire rate is slower of course (3 shot per second) and the trajectory of the projectile is arched.
Requires Demolition expert 2, also because is pretty strong,  staggers the enemy and has a small area effect.