Shadowflight's Decor Pack

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Shadowflight's Decor Pack


SMM is required to see the new menus, and all DLCs are required as some assets were used, so textures will likely show up pink without them.


A pack of 103 new workshop items, ranging from new resources like beds and guard posts, to decorations for robot workbenches and gardens. Mostly pre-existing item collections, with a few new plant assets.The main new menu is found within the decorations submenu (even the resources, as it was neater to keep them all under one overarching menu).

There are 8 menus:
Armor & Clothes & Weapons
Books & General Decor
Clinic & Chems
Food & Dinnerware
Garden & Garage

-As with most workshop mods that use static collections from the base game, some of the items are pretty taxing on the Building Limit.

-Additionally, some of the Raider items are a bit tricky to place; sometimes they just take the right spot and angle (though for some of them a Place Anywhere mod may help).

-The main menus have new art, but most of the individual items don't to prevent slowing down the main menu, so they'll be invisible in the menu, but will show up just fine in the game.

-The resources are navmeshed, but sometimes the NPCs are weird about it. That's just the engine, they function fine and sometimes if you teleport away and back that will fix the NPC using the object.

Special Thanks to:
papalegoas3 and dynnguyen for the great new plant models!