Sexy Female Bash and Power Attack Voice Replacer

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Got the idea from baddong, who suggested I make more sfx of other things after I made the Sexy Sprint Voice Replacer Mod (Check it out), and one of the suggestions was melee sfx, so I got to work. I didn't have any mod to piggy back off this time, so in order to get all the sounds I had to find every file through truffling as I couldn't find any other mod that has done a melee sfx replacer on Fallout 4. So I had to dig, and I mean DIG around in B2a voice files for a bit just to find all of them. Anyone who wants to make their own mods with my files go ahead, every melee fuz file is included. Not much too else to say, I bootlegged the sfx from an original Skyrim mod (female voice replacer).Which is basically the normal skyrim sfx but higher pitched. Was the best I could find, sorry! Might make variants in the future!

The sound effects are hotter, but they're not anime pants or stripper moans. It's a good middle ground between hot and modest. Now that I do have the files made, I could always make different variants, if any of you want something particular, I'll give it a shot!

It's been fun contributing things that haven't been done on FO4 yet, so if you got suggestions for voice replacements, lmk!