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The Romington Head Hunter is a play on the Remington 870 but made for Gunner hands. The romington can be a small pump action shotgun loaded with birdshot or a mean and fast Semi Automatic shotgun loaded with slugs, it has a decent amount of customization and uses custom animations from Wardaddy

Where can I find it?: You can find the shotgun in Gunner hands at level 5+

Attachments?: 5 optics, 4 grips, 3 barrels, 4 receivers, 4 ammo types, 

The Romington HH should be compatible with other gun mods and should be able to go along with any outfit mods for the gunners
if you want BCR with this mod be sure to get the patch right here credit goes to aps98

~Degenerate Dak, for both the West-Tek Optics Pack, and the Gubbins pack~Wardaddy, for the animations and sounds on the 1897 shotgun
~Spadey01, for making the skeletal stock
~Thing333, made the models and textures