R'lyeh (Cthuhlu) Sword

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**R'lyeh (Cthuhlu) Sword

****Last Halloween I ended with some Cthulhu themed mods, this year, I am releasing them at the beginning of the season. :)****The Sword is called the R'lyeh Sword and it is constructible at the chem bench. The Sword has its own custom menu listing, so no having to search thru the misc or utility folders to find them.

The Sword is a little more powerful than the any vanilla sword in the game,  and does poison damage.****The Sword do not have any special animations or upgrades, and I will not be making any for it. It is just a basic no frills weapon, just the way I like it.

As stated above in red the weapon cannot be improved or changed at the
Weapon Workbench, other than having a legendary effect added to it.

****The mod is flagged as an ESL, so it does not take up any mod slots.

The mod is what it is, and unless it is a game breaking issue, will not be revised.**
Use it in conjunction with the other Cthulhu mods I made to role play as a loyal worshiper of Cthulhu and help to bring him back into the world. . .

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No I will not port this to Skyrim, I am sure that there is already something like it out there somewhere.
If you are crashing at the Chem Bench when trying to make the weapons, go and download and enable the mod No More Legendary Screen, that mod will stop the crashing from happening. Make sure you get the correct copy of the mod for the version of the game you have.
I do not claim to own or have made the model or models used in this mod. They belong to their prospective owners and are only used according to a licensing agreement that is posted on the website from whence they came. All the information about the model or models and who owns/made them is listed in the Permissions and Credits section of this mod page, like they should be. . .