Rant - NPC Loot Reduction

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Reduces Loot from NPCs - does not affect "Containers" and "Placed Items"

for Containers use also "Dynamic Loot Reduction by SKK"
for placed Items use also "Looted World"

Adjusts the Leveledlists to reduce the amount of loot
Removes some "unlogical" items (like Brahmin Heads at Molerats ^^)
Animals won´t drop Caps and Junk anymore
Common Ammo drops more, Special Ammo is reduced
Healing items droprate is also reduced (some items)

(This mod won´t affect any quest items.
Affects Vanilla-LL´s and also mod-added items as long as the mod uses the Vanilla LL and the NPC Loot Reduction gets loaded after the mod)

Great for survival, but fits also a more challenging gameplay!