No Skeletons Mod (Skeleton Hider for Fallout 4)

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Are you tired of those old bones hiding in your settlement? Do you not want to see skeletons in general? Did a skeleton run over your cat and
now you're mad? Do you think it's the skeletons which are giving you a poor frame rate?

If you answered 'yes' to any of those questions (or other similar questions), then you're in luck because this mod exists or something.

From what I can see, no one else has uploaded a similar mod. If they did, then I wasted a lot of time making this one!

What does this mod do?

Well, Sir or Madam, this mod simply takes any skeleton classified as SetDressing in the game files and removes them! They're gone!

This mod also removes static bone objects from the game. This mod does not remove the junk bone items since those have a functionality while the skeletons are there for the aesthetics.

This mod does not remove some skeletons from the game. There's one in the tunnels of the Castle that's an easter egg. You can find some skeletons sticking from rubble or from cliff sides. I cannot remove them since I think they are part of the map model and are not objects with physics. Taking them out would
probably mean cracking open Blender or a similar program to remove those meshes... and unfortunately I don't know what I'm doing.

Think of this as a poor man's anti-phobia for skeletons since there's still some skeletons left in the game.

(To get those before and after images, I went into the game without the mod and manually disabled the skeletons but trust me, this mod should work.)

Does this mod require any of the DLCs?

This mod doesn't need any of the DLCs to work since the DLCs use the base game skeletons - all DLCs except one: Far Harbor. Just make sure that No_Skeletons_FO4_Far_Harbor.esp is installed and enabled and the corpse of the overseer of Vault 118 will not be there. What a shame.

~~UPDATE: I've just been playing through the game again and I just found out that there's a Vault 88 skeleton that can be found. They disappear when you go around scrapping things but for the sake of completeness, I'll remove this one as well in a future update.~~ Took two years but I've finally removed it.

How do I install this mod?

Just drop the contents into your Data folder... I think? I've been using Vortex and all I had to do is drop the zip file and it installs effortlessly!

How does this mod work?

I went into the game files and told the game that instead of spawning a skeleton model, it spawns an empty model of nothingness. The skeletons
are not invisible. The models themselves are simply not spawned.

This mod should be compatible with just about anything that doesn't touch the SetDressing skeletons.

Oi, I want my money back. Mod didn't work.

That's not a question but I've been using this mod in my playthrough and it's currently working - that or I've become blind to skeletons. Either way,
there's not really much support I can offer other than to ask you to make sure the mod is installed properly.

If you can see the body of the Vault 118 overseer, then No_Skeletons_FO4_Far_Harbor.esp is probably not enabled.

Also, you didn't pay money to use this mod. No one is asking you to use this, so please leave my house and don't forget to wipe your shoes on the doormat.

If this mod is working and you want your skeletons back, just uninstall this mod and you'll see those old bones once again!

You're not funny.

Never claimed I was.

I might upload better images in the future. For now, I stole from the wikia and took some photos of where I think there's meant to be skeletons. When I'm bothered, expect some before and after photos - I will probably never be bothered.