No attack delay after firing single-shot weapons

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{TL;DR} This mod fixes an issue that would make the player unable to shoot for a few seconds after firing certain single-shot weapons.

This mod resolves issues with the 'Attack Delay' stat. When you shoot certain single-shot weapons, the game gives the player a debuff that makes them unable to shoot for a certain amount of time. This isn't immediately obvious because single-shot weapons' reload animations normally play during that time, but there are plenty of cases where the 'attack delay' debuff becomes more obvious and frustrating. If you have the quick hands perk for example, the reload animation will finish early, but the attack-delay debuff won't. This means that everytime you reload, you'll have to wait a little for the 'attack delay' debuff to wear off before you can actually shoot again. Worse, if you ever try to switch weapons after firing one of the attack-delayed single-shot weapons, the new weapon you pull out will be useless for the duration of the attack-delay debuff.

Obviously, this is a major problem. This mod makes edits to the Missile Launcher, Broadsider, and Harpoon Gun to solve the issue.

A new, untested file under the Miscellaneous tab covers the Syringer in addition to the three aforementioned weapons. Download the main file or the experimental file, not both.

Any mod that touches the Missile Launcher, Broadsider, or Harpoon Gun will conflict. Create a patch using F4Edit or adjust your load order so that the desired changes load lower down.

Use a mod manager or extract the mod into your game's \Data directory.