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For Memorial all Korean war Veterans

**July 28, 2023 is 70th memorial day of Korean Armistice Agreement.
means Officially, war is not over. YET. 

The undersigned, the Commander-in-Chief, United Nations Command, on the one hand, and the Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army and the Commander of the Chinese People’s Volunteers, on the other hand, in the interest of stopping the Korean conflict, with its great toil of suffering and bloodshed on both sides, and with the objective of establishing an armistice which will insure a complete cessation of hostilities and of all acts of armed force in Korea until a final peaceful settlement is achieved, do individually, collectively, and mutually agree to accept and to be bound and governed by the conditions and terms of armistice set forth in the following articles and paragraphs, which said conditions and terms are intended to be purely military in character and to pertain solely to the belligerents in Korea.**

in previous version of SMLE rifle, variations were all rejected. 
SMLE - War for end of war

our original plan was making SMLE rifle with several variations. such as,
Charton LMG, Turner SMLE, M1915 Howell, and .410 Ishapore musket.

after we abandoned project, there was no way make a new animation for SMLEs.
so I use asXas's Lee enfield and SVT-40 animations. 

you can do Mad minute Rapid fire as Receiver modification. 
every receiver modifications has +fire speed.
If you have Lee Enfield No.4 mk.1 BCR system, will be work.
Like I said Before,
some guys  reuploaded mod on their own Patreon for their profit.
so our Project team has been dismissed. 

Charton Lmg is rejected.
no Charton.

when I made this mod, I set fo4edit's language as Korean.
By the time I realized this mistake, it was already too late.
So if you are using English you have to translate. sorry.



Irish shipyard and Postal 115

.410 Ishapore Musket

Turner SMLE

M1915 Howell

SMLE Modifications:

**Howell is NOT a modification. Its Separated rifle.**Welrod is not included

Highly Recommended mods with

Tactical reload 

Real lee enfield soundsee-through scope patch


Ciprian Adumitroaei   
SMLE  MODEL and Texture. 

Advise for How to make a weapon mod.
Wonderful custom firing sound.

Turner SMLE asset

**Q & A

*Q: what is the British ww1 outfit mod?

A: sorry. He deleted outfit mod. no longer available.

Q: where is SMLE rifle? 

A: Irish shiyard****Q: Animation Bug

A: I used asXas's SVT-40 animation. which means if you using SVT-40 mod, they might be some crash or CTD.

**Q: Modification is wired.***A: When I make this mod Confussed a lot. and i am not a good mod making guy.