Immersive Nail Polish

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10 player-customizable colors
Names and colors can be configured via MCM.

Several textured designs
Including Sakura Blossom, Chrome, Rainbow and 5 pride flags (Ace, Bi, Non-binary, Lesbian and Trans).

5 body types supported
CBBE, Fusion Girl, Bodytalk, EVB, A-Body and Vanilla (male and female).

Paint fingers and toes in-game.
Polish will become chipped after time.
Craft nail polish remover, and remove old polish to apply fresh colors.

Bottles can be rarely found in cabinets and suitcases.
Mirrors are more likely to contain polish.
Certain merchants (Becky Fallon in Fallon's Basement, for example) will have bottles for sale.


This mod uses LooksMenu overlays. In order to provide as best an experience as possible. a forked version of F4EE.dll is provided.

The fork is optional, but this mod will have a couple of very noticeable bugs if you choose to not use it.

  • There's a small bug with the official binary that deletes the wrong overlays

  • Nail color will be washed out when loading a saved game

The changes I've made are:

  • A missing line was added to properly assign overlay UIDs

  • I've changed the overlay tint color serialization from a packed uint32 to 4 floats

The fork can be found here if you want to inspect the changes and compile the binary yourself.

If you experience any issues when using this mod, let me know in the comments and I'll see if I can help.

NPC Support

It's a bit experimental, but there is some basic support for followers and NPCs.

When given a single bottle, they'll attempt to paint their fingernails. If they're already painted, they'll paint their toenails instead. To change colors, they'll need to use polish remover. Removing follows the same order as painting, so to change toenail color, you'll need to remove fingernail polish first.

To give non-follower NPCs polish, you can use the OpenActorContainer command via the console.

Open the console. Click on the NPC. Use the mousewheel to select the correct target. Type "OpenActorContainer 1" and press enter. The inventory menu will open in the background. Close the console. Give the NPC one nail polish bottle, or polish remover. Exit the inventory menu.
This feature can be disabled in the MCM.


If you are using the forked version of F4EE.dll and have Buffout 4 installed, disabling Buffout's F4EE compatibility patch will prevent errors appearing its log. This patch is integrated into the fork.

Some skin texture mods are incompatible with hand overlays. An 8K Realistic Skin patch is available, which must be installed after 8K in order to overwrite the materials.

HiPoly Faces REDUX has scripts which reset the player body, causing custom color polishes to become gray. An optional patch is available under downloads, to replace the HiPoly scripts.

Credits and Thanks

Thanks to:
ousnius for Material Editor
reg2k, Neanka and shadowslasher410 for Mod Configuration Menu
Expired6978 for LooksMenu
BigAndFlabby for Papyrus Compiler Patch (NoDox edition)
Ryan McKenzie for CommonLibF4
Ian Patterson, Stephen Abel, and Brendan Borthwick for F4SE
vaultbait for researching Buffout 4 compatibility

Female humming by AngelicWings  
This work is licensed under the Attribution NonCommercial 4.0 License.  

Bottle opening sound by mitchanary  
This work is licensed under the Creative Commons 0 License.  

Sakura blossom image  
Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0)  

Comfortaa font  

Fair Prosper font  
This product 100% free for personal use & commercial use